Build Assertive Teams
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Build Assertive Teams

Does your team work as a real team? Are they truly cooperative? Does each one give their very best?

As markets become more and more competitive, people become your main competitive advantage. But it is not enough to have a group of talented individuals. They have to work together, as an excellent team. For this to happen, all communication must be highly assertive.

Starting from a system that identifies communication styles, the trainer Miguel Figueiredo has developed a highly practical and personalized workshop, whose goal is exactly to create the necessary environment for developing excellence in teams.


  • Identify the strengths of each team member
  • Identify the differences that separate them but that also bring them together
  • Know how to deal with each one as an individual
  • Create trust throughout the team
  • Set team rules of engagement
  • Unite towards a common goal


Prior to the program, all participants will take an online assessment (DISC) to find out about their natural communication style, as well as their major contributing areas to the team. The program will be totally practical, full of exercises, and fully adapted to the results of each teams' assessments. It will have the following strutcure:
  • ​What makes a team into champions
  • The DISC model and how it works
  • The DO's and DON'Ts of each communication style
  • Exercises for recognizing each one’s communication style
  • ​Team strengths and each members' contribution
  • How to address weaknesses
  • Assertive communication
  • Constructive participation
  • The team mission
  • The team values
  • Rules of engagement
  • Building mutual trust and respect

A quem se destina


On-site, ideal participants level at 8 and maximum at 20


1 day (8h)  


Miguel Figueiredo


On request


On request

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Build Assertive Teams

Does your team work as a real team? Are they truly cooperative? Does each one give their very best?

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