Leadership, Agility and Innovation
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Leadership, Agility and Innovation

Success in an unpredictable market, demands new skills. With this training, we offer a retreat that aims to align the mind, the emotions and intuition, thus allowing to transforme these three dimensions in organizational flexibility and agility, core strenghts of the current leadership.

Why Leadership and Agility?
Leadership skills are changing. Being able to think about the context and past experience, and create a decision board for the future is paramount to an effective leadership.


  • To understand the impact the new economy has on the leadership styles
  • To develop the skills and techniques that promote leadership with a positive impact, in a complex, ambiguous and unpredictable market


  • Mindful Agility - A Mindfulness Session focused on agility
  • Lecture - Leadership in a changing world
  • Personal Reflection - The Power of Agility
  • Debate - Human Agility's Neuroscience
  • Tertulia - Learning with Art
  • Workshop - Desing Thinking
  • Action Plan - Adjusting to reality
At the end of the training, each participant will have his own agility ratio and a report that organizes strenghts and development areas.

A quem se destina


Immersive Experience


2 days (2x8h)


We have several options


On request


On request

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