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InsightOut is the company that represents and manages the Activision Coaching Institute in Portugal, since 2014.

We are a DGERT certified company and the Coaching course is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF is an accreditation body for training programs, ensuring continuous audits and only certifies quality training ensuring the highest demanding standards.

The Activision Coaching Institute is one of the schools with the highest reputation in the Portuguese and international market, having trained the most renowned Portuguese coaches, it has an excellent assessment above 96,5% satisfaction rate, our trainers are all ICF accredited and with ACC, PCC and MCC credentials, coaches with plenty of experience in national and international context.

The whole team subscribes to ICF's Code of Ethics.

Activision Coaching Institute




Level I - ACSTH

ACSTH - Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (64 hours)

Our ACSTH program has 64 hours of on-site training, with a large practical component. With two modules for Individual Coaching (6 days) and a 2 day module dedicated to Teams & Organizations.

All the participants have 5 observed coaching sessions with feedback given by a certified coach.

This course is recomended to those that manage teams, have leading positions and/or are considering becoming professional coaches.

With an ACSTH training, you may apply to become an ACC and/or PCC.

Level II - ACTP

ACTP - Accredited Coach Training Program (164h)

Our ACTP program has 164 hours of on-site training, with a large practical component. It includes concrete information regarding ICF's core competencies, Ethic's Code and related coaching definition.

There will be individual coaching modules and others specially dedicated to Teams and Organisations. The ACTP includes, in its price, an individual coach mentor, as the making of all the final exams, where you'll have to earn over 60% in all the exams (oral exam / 30m coaching session).

With an ACTP training course, you can apply to any of ICF's individual accreditation.


3 dimensions of Coaching

A single training that combines individuals, teams and organizations

Accessible Pricing

Payment facilities with monthly payments and 10% discount if you make a single payment. We also have 5% discount if you are unemployeed.

Leading School

Trained the first and most renowed coaches certified in Portugal

Support Material

All the material necessary, will be provided by the School.

Strong Internacional Presence

We teach this course at companies. We are present wordly in places like Singapure, Shanghai, New York, Paris, among many others

Very Practical

A minimum of 6 sessions observed/commented on for each participant

Individual Mentoring

Includes 2h of individual mentoring. Mentoring consists in the participant's assessment of competencies and the elaboration of recomendations regarding their coaching practice.

Satisfaction Rate

Our participants assessment is over 98%


All the trainers have ICF credential, plenty of experience and an excelent student's evaluation (96,5%). Many have international experience.

Ana Pinto Coelho

PPC Coach & CEO

Anne Dominguez

MCC Coach & Pedagogic Director

Luísa Neto Pereira

PCC Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Simona Cattabiani

PCC Coach, Trainer & Mentor

João Laborinho Lúcio

ACC Coach e Trainer

Testemunho Coaching

Ana Penim

PCC Coach & Trainer

If you have any questions, go to the Certification Course Training and Pedagogical Guide.
Book a one on one meeting with the school's director, Ana Pinto Coelho

Next Editions


Schedule: 9h/18h

Mod.1: January 11th, 12th, 13th 2021

Mod.2: February 8th, 9th, 10th 2021

Mod.3: March 4th, 5th 2021 (ends ACSTH)

Mod.4: April 12th, 13th, 14th 2021

Mod.5: May 12th, 13th, 14th 2021

Mod.6: June 8th, 9th 2021

Mod.7: July 8th, 9th 2021 (ACTP Certification)


Schedule: 9h/18h

Mod.1: February 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2021

Mod.2: March 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2021

Mod.3: April 26th, 27th 2021 (ends ACSTH)


Schedule: 9h/18h

Mod.1: May 24th, 25th, 26th 2021

Mod.2: June 16th, 17th, 18th 2021

Mod.3: July 6th, 7th 2021 (ends ACSTH)


Schedule: 9h/18h

Mod.1: September 20st, 22nd, 23rd 2021

Mod.2: October 20st, 22nd, 23rd 2021

Mod.3: November 22nd, 23rd 2021 (ends ACSTH)

Ready for the next level?

What our clients are saying

Training is fundamental for our transformation, for our personal and professional progression. I feel privileged to have invested in the international Coaching certification (Coaching Certification)

Ana Corte Real
Head Of Training Department at CTT

The training overcame all my expectations. I feel more qualified and inspired to work as a coach. Based on what I've learned, I've already implemented some activities within my team. Congratulations! (Coaching Certification)

Paulo Lopes
Head Of Training Department at CTT

I'm very happy and satisfied with this path; I feel I've evolved greatly on a personal and professional level. Congratulations to all in charge for excellent work, availability and constant friendship. (Coaching Certification)

Ana Rita Furtado
Project Manager in Career Development chez Institut Curie - Research Centre

Once again, I would like to thank you for all the knowledge given and for all the development experience that together you shared during this training. I hope you continue your incredible mission and continue to spread your wisdom and passion for coaching for many years. (Coaching Certification)

Inês Xavier da Cunha
Project Manager • Soft Skills Trainer • Coach

Very complete and balanced between theory and practice, focused on individuals and teams and with a luxury trainers team, full of experience on the top level! I've done and learned a lot on many levels and feel grateful for all I've learned, for the people I've met and for the support I received. Thank you, InsightOut! You rock! (Coaching Certification)

Nidia Costa
Jurist, Coach, Family Constellations

Believable, serious and with excellent trainers. A must! (Coaching Certification)

Ana Sacavém
Training Manager, Executive Coach and Partner of António Sacavem Communication Academy

It was one of the courses that added more value to my personal/professional development, and that even with high expectations and my high demanding level, managed to overcome it all.

All the methodology and unquestionably the trainers quality and integrity, the way the feedforward was made and the sharing of their experience and know-how are, without a doubt, the keys to success. (Coaching Certification)

Ana Completo
HR Manager at ASR Group - Sidul

I already had excellent feedback regarding the course and it was justified. I developed new skills and reviewed the coaching skills I already had. It was a considerable growth process and professional development. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to do the same. (Coaching Certification)

Rui Alves Nascimento
Head of Human Resources | Consumer Southern Europe at Johnson & Johnson
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