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Because we know it's important to know the opinion of those who know us, we invite you to read a few testimonials of those who have already worked with us.

Module 8 is the real game changer. The program is perfectly designed to push us to go the extra mile.

It's a very practical module, with lots of peer-to-peer sharing, and above all, it's an opportunity for enormous growth, both personally and professionally. Here, we assume and reinforce our position and value as coaches, while acquiring valuable tools and knowledge that will underpin whatever our project is in this world of coaching. I highly recommend it!

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Mónica Pires Neves

I already had excellent feedback regarding the course and it was justified. I developed new skills and reviewed the coaching skills I already had. It was a considerable growth process and professional development. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to do the same.

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Rui Alves Nascimento
Deputy Head of HR Banco de Portugal

It was one of the courses that added more value to my personal/professional development, and that even with high expectations and my high demanding level, managed to overcome it all.

All the methodology and unquestionably the trainers quality and integrity, the way the feedforward was made and the sharing of their experience and know-how are, without a doubt, the keys to success.

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Ana Completo
HR Manager at ASR Group - Sidul

Believable, serious and with excellent trainers. A must!

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Ana Sacavém
Training Manager, Executive Coach and Partner of António Sacavem Communication Academy

Very complete and balanced between theory and practice, focused on individuals and teams and with a luxury trainers team, full of experience on the top level! I've done and learned a lot on many levels and feel grateful for all I've learned, for the people I've met and for the support I received. Thank you, InsightOut! You rock!

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Nidia Costa
Jurist, Coach, Family Constellations

Once again, I would like to thank you for all the knowledge given and for all the development experience that together you shared during this training. I hope you continue your incredible mission and continue to spread your wisdom and passion for coaching for many years.

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Inês Xavier da Cunha
Project Manager • Soft Skills Trainer • Coach

I'm very happy and satisfied with this path; I feel I've evolved greatly on a personal and professional level. Congratulations to all in charge for excellent work, availability and constant friendship.

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Ana Rita Furtado
Project Manager in Career Development chez Institut Curie - Research Centre

The training overcame all my expectations. I feel more qualified and inspired to work as a coach. Based on what I've learned, I've already implemented some activities within my team. Congratulations!

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Paulo Lopes
Head Of Training Department at CTT

An absolutely fantastic route. And, as in everything, marked by the value of the people who made the journey, including the wonderful trainers. Coaching certification is one of the outcomes... but this course allows for so much more learnings. Very grateful for the experience. I can't recommend this course more. 

Ana Corte Real
Head Of Training Department at CTT

Much gratitude to our mentors and colleagues. This is not a Mentoring course but a Mentoring Plus course! A "place" where technical excellence goes hand in hand with human quality. 

Liliana Cerqueira
Liliana Silva Cerqueira
Consultancy, Coaching & Mentoring

A fantastic experience! It begins in us, in our personal transformation, through the powerful moments of learning and reflection that make us grow! Then the people who make this journey with us, who help us grow and help us in challenging moments. And also, the trainers, who besides excellent professionals inturn themselves with incredible generosity to this process of ours. 

rita prates
Rita Prates
HR Manager

It has been a wonderful journey of discovery, learning and growth. And this is only possible when we have trainers who are skilled and highly dedicated to the noble cause of coaching. I'm very happy to have chosen to do this training at Insightout.

inês reis
Inês Reis
Developing Leadership @Fidelidade

It has been a fantastic journey of self-development and growth. Grateful for our group and for InsightOut for the amazing ACTP course.
Now, I am ready to sail and discover the World of coaching with ICF.

Casimiro Santos
Director Comercial Kemira
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