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Find dedicated training to your business and teams, to develop their motivation, skills and capability to lead.
Resilience at a distance

We live times of great demands, with never before faced challenges. Cooperating at a distance, working in the same space you live in, dealing with new tools that are increasingly more digital, developing new habits to protect our health and that of others, creating new solutions more in tune with times of social distancing, all […]

Systemic Transformation

Pensar através das criações imagéticas amplia o leque de possibilidades e permite novos insights para além do concreto e objectivo, tornando visíveis aspectos anteriormente tácitos e conduzindo a significados mais profundos, onde tudo se relaciona com tudo.


To think via visual creations broadens the possibility scopes and allows new insights beyond the concrete and objective, making visible previously unspoken aspects and leading to deeper meanings, where everything connects with everything.

Agility, Innovation and Leadership

Success in an unpredictable market, demands new skills. With this training, we offer a retreat that aims to align the mind, the emotions and intuition.

Build Assertive Teams

Does your team work as a real team? Are they truly cooperative? Does each one give their very best?

Maximize Performance

Do you feel that each of your team members has a potential that has yet to be tapped into?
Wouldn't you prefer that everyone was able to achieve as much as they can?

Create an Inspiring Vision

Does it feel like your company's vision is no different than that of so many others? And that you haven't marshalled the power to inspire and move your team?

Sales Coaching

It's very important the development of training and area specializations, which may be achieved through a sales coaching program.

Speak Like a Leader

Do you need to make your presentations more inspiring, to better engage your audience, to strike the right balance between passing on information while also guiding action?

Coaching Skills

The success and longevity of any business project is closely related to it's Vision and Leadership style.

Lead H.A.P.P.Y. ® People

Increasing your company's ROI inevitably means ensuring the well-being and happiness of its employees. This is not a belief. It is science.


Strengthening the group - make fast decisions - not being afraid to take a change

Challenge Your Marketing

Are you sure that your business is being marketed as well as possible?


A leaders capacity to reach positive results requires him to develop a demanding competencies core both on the soft skills levels as in management and people's knowledge.

Soft Skills

Motivation is extremely important for the performance and productivity of a company's employees.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

To understand the importance of Mindfulness in stress reduction and your emotional development, as well as it's daily application.


In order to contribute to the update and optimization of the organizations development of their human capital, we develop training solutions strongly guided towards providing an answer to the needs of the daily working practices and planead so as to meet the strategy and organizational goals of the client.

In this context, we develop courses with a pre-defined format, developed to answer the individual needs of your colaborators, contribuing to the development of new competencies and responding to the initiation, improvement or specialization needs, through practical programs with highly certified and experienced trainers.
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