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Individual Mentoring

Everyone should have a mentor, whether the goal is personal development, professional, starting a business or simply brainstorm, one should have a mentor to help in any of these stages.

Our value proposition:

To conceptualize, design and accompany the implementation of the mentoring program.

To facilitate the development of competencies for the mentors.

It may take on several ways, one on one or one on many, depending on the goal. One to many mentoring is easier to implement, both time wise and costs, and it potentially attracts more candidates. One on one mentoring, on the other hand, is more guided, more purpose driven and deeper.

Mentors are enthusiastic colaborators, influencers, inspiriational, committed and envolved with the organization, have proven themselves at their job and are invited to join the program. They are equally accelerators of the changing process.

Mentees are employees that will benefit from the mentors experience in developing their competencies.

Our mentors

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