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We offer several experiences that promote personal development, team union and trust, as well as the development of several skills.
Systemic Transformation

Pensar através das criações imagéticas amplia o leque de possibilidades e permite novos insights para além do concreto e objectivo, tornando visíveis aspectos anteriormente tácitos e conduzindo a significados mais profundos, onde tudo se relaciona com tudo.


To think via visual creations broadens the possibility scopes and allows new insights beyond the concrete and objective, making visible previously unspoken aspects and leading to deeper meanings, where everything connects with everything.


Strengthening the group - make fast decisions - not being afraid to take a change

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

To understand the importance of Mindfulness in stress reduction and your emotional development, as well as it's daily application.

We Can Do It

This is one of the most incredible challenges of self-transcendence - and also one of the most effective.

Energy Dance

Have you ever thought why we say we need to move in order to solve a problem?


To walk on glass may seem impossible, one of those insurmountable but it's on the decision to walk that resides it huge transformational potential.


What separates us from our ability to achieve?

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