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Coaching is a partnership directed towards the development of the other, in respect by it's will. It's a follow-up process whose goal is to create the conditions so that people may find their own solutions and resources to reach the objectives they wish for their life.
It's also a commitment that defines, step by step, an action plan, in respect for his or hers individuality and self-knowledge


Improves work performance


Improves business management


Improves time management


Improves team work


Increased productivity

Coaching maximizes the potential and unblocks internal resources, productivity wise


An individual's construction of self-confidence in order to overcome team challenges and organizations is paramount to everyone's success.

Improves Self-Confidence


Improves Relationships


Improves Communication Tools


Improves Personal-Professional Balance



Training is fundamental for our transformation, for our personal and professional progression. I feel privileged to have invested in the international Coaching certification (Coaching Certification)

Ana Corte Real
Head Of Training Department at CTT

The training overcame all my expectations. I feel more qualified and inspired to work as a coach. Based on what I've learned, I've already implemented some activities within my team. Congratulations! (Coaching Certification)

Paulo Lopes
Head Of Training Department at CTT

I'm very happy and satisfied with this path; I feel I've evolved greatly on a personal and professional level. Congratulations to all in charge for excellent work, availability and constant friendship. (Coaching Certification)

Ana Rita Furtado
Project Manager in Career Development chez Institut Curie - Research Centre

Once again, I would like to thank you for all the knowledge given and for all the development experience that together you shared during this training. I hope you continue your incredible mission and continue to spread your wisdom and passion for coaching for many years. (Coaching Certification)

Inês Xavier da Cunha
Project Manager • Soft Skills Trainer • Coach

Very complete and balanced between theory and practice, focused on individuals and teams and with a luxury trainers team, full of experience on the top level! I've done and learned a lot on many levels and feel grateful for all I've learned, for the people I've met and for the support I received. Thank you, InsightOut! You rock! (Coaching Certification)

Nidia Costa
Jurist, Coach, Family Constellations

Believable, serious and with excellent trainers. A must! (Coaching Certification)

Ana Sacavém
Training Manager, Executive Coach and Partner of António Sacavem Communication Academy

It was one of the courses that added more value to my personal/professional development, and that even with high expectations and my high demanding level, managed to overcome it all.

All the methodology and unquestionably the trainers quality and integrity, the way the feedforward was made and the sharing of their experience and know-how are, without a doubt, the keys to success. (Coaching Certification)

Ana Completo
HR Manager at ASR Group - Sidul

I already had excellent feedback regarding the course and it was justified. I developed new skills and reviewed the coaching skills I already had. It was a considerable growth process and professional development. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to do the same. (Coaching Certification)

Rui Alves Nascimento
Head of Human Resources | Consumer Southern Europe at Johnson & Johnson
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COACHING sessions


We belief the client has the resources and potential to reach the desired outcomes and overcome the challenges of the present. Therefore, we work in partnership with our clients in a stimulating and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential.

The coach manages a process that invites awareness, the unblocking of situations and the reaching of solutions. The Coaching program is defined according to the client's goal, and it specifies the number of sessions, regularity and duration.

In order to know your recommended Coaching Program, we suggest you start with a Session Zero, free of charge.


Executive Coaching is for all professionals who aspire to overcome themselves and invest in an entirely dedicated and exclusive process, a strong bet in managing their talent.

Frequent themes:

  • Career management
  • Stress management
  • Conflict management
  • Aligning personal and professional life


The coach settles on rules of engagement that facilitate communication and support the Team in becoming aware of its potential, allowing to diagnose needs for change, take on commitments and design action plans that support a consistent change.

The number of sessions and duration are established when the issue and goals are known.

Frequent subjects:

  • Activate team potential
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Conflict management
  • Developing the team's autonomy
  • Motivation
  • Internal communication
  • Improve the teams cohesion and communication
  • Mobilizing to reach the company's goals and results


The coach accompanies the coachee to his/hers work place, individually or in team setting.

The coachees learn new perspectives, new ways to face challenges, new readings of reality, all the while in their real work environment. This type of approach is very focused on business. There are several methods for this type of actions:

Coaching - an experienced coach challenges new approaches of reality

Mentoring - here we have an advisory relationship, to his mentee. Based on his experience, the mentor shares the best practices for the job and the development of the mentee.


Meetings of people who are living the same situation.

By sharing their experiences, it's expected to diminish the stress associated and boost their ability to deal with the issue.

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