Ana Teresa Penim
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Ana Teresa Penim

PCC Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Acknowledged as an expert in Talent and Leadership Development, Soft Skills Maximization, Appreciative Coaching, Interpersonal Skills, Change Facilitation, Retail Performance, Sales and Negotiation, Consumer Behaviour and Life-long Learning, Ana Teresa Penim is a reference in Executive Coaching, Education and Human Development in Portugal, Spain and Brasil.

Ana has a Degree and Master in Organizational Psychology (Coaching Specialisation in Talent Development); Executive MBA and a Master in Coaching; Accredited coach (PCC) by ICF and ASESCO. EMCC and AECOP Member. ICF Portugal's Team Coaching' s Practice Community Leader.

With over 30 years experience of working with highly competitive companies in the most diverse areas of business, as a Coach, Team Coach, Mentor and Trainer, in service of which Ana places her experience as a leader, entrepreneur, Organizational Psychologist, Educational Projects Manager, among others.

Her passion to contribute for the development of performance and for life-long learning have driven her to create original leadership, teachers and salespeople development projects operationalised with innovative pedagogical methodologies (i.e. ActiveLeaderUp; Atitude UAUme!®; INNOVageing®; Appreciative Coaching; etc).

Ana is the author and co-author of countless articles and national and international best-sellers such as: "Coaching Tools", Team Coaching Tools", "Mentoring Tools", "Coaching - farther inside", Atitude UAUme! - how to surprise in the personal life and business", "Negotiating and Selling", "The Art of War in Education and Training", "Delusions and Inspirations - words and inspirational moments", among others

Ana Teresa Penin is co-founder and Managing Partner of YouUP - The Coaching & Mentoring Company, of INV - Negotiation and Sales Institute, of "DO it! - sales and negotiation" magazine and the TV program "Behind the scene of shopping".

As an international speaker, she gives talks in the most diverse Conferences and professional Forums in Portugal and abroad.

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