João Pereira Leite
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João Pereira Leite

Coach & Trainer

João is an optimist, an unconditional believer in people and an eternal curious about our human condition.

João graduated from a management university in Portugal, but also studied in Holland, USA and Switzerland in leadership programs. He worked for about 20 years in the business world in Portugal and abroad, which gave him a realistic and very close view of the common difficulties and challenges of a worker today.

Since 2015, he leads Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence programs in institutions, with the aim of bringing out the best in participants and promoting what he identifies as "the humanization of the workspace". He is also a university professor and lectures on the same topics.

He is also an accredited Mindfulness Coach by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and a Professional Coach with ACTP program (Accredited Coaching Training Program) by Activision Coaching Institute, accredited by ICF.

The humility and kindness of others is what inspires him most in his mission to daily become a better human being.


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