Margarida Marrucho
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Margarida Marrucho

ACC Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Change is part of my life. So is the unforeseen. I embrace the projects I like as if there were no others and give everything, my best.

My background is Communication Design at Belas Artes in Lisbon. I was always connected to education, more specifically school leadership. In 2019 I changed my life and fell in love with coaching. I took the Activision Coaching Institute's CEIO Course, recognized by ICF, and at this moment I am ACC. From design I bring to coaching the diverse look at the same subject and problem solving training, as well as action planning. From education, which never leaves me for a second, the addiction to learn from everything that goes on around me. Every year I add my training in the area of human development: I did the Mentoring course, EIA Practitioner and I was really excited with the management of coaching and mentoring programs, by Coaching & Mentoring International, with David Clutterbuck himself, that gave me the IPMA certification, being currently the only coach and mentor in Portugal with that certification.

My areas of expertise in Coaching and Mentoring are executive and family leadership. I have developed several programs with principals and management teams of private schools. Since Sept 2022 I have been collaborating with the international LOOP-Empowering Teachers program as a trainer and mentor.

This year I released a book on parenting, Learning what no one taught us - parenting leadership exercises, with reflections, stories, exercises and questions that are the result of several coaching processes in this area.

I am frequently invited as a speaker for events related to the work of several NGOs and others related to education. I do not forget the organizations that trained me and I collaborate on a probono basis with the Solidarity Committee of ICF Portugal, in the various programs it develops and also in the Research & Development Group of EMCC Global, because, as a practitioner, I feel I have much to learn from researchers. I like challenges and to put myself to the test.

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