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Vera Doutel

ACC Coach & Trainer

As an accredited Professional Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation, my professional journey encompasses a variety of roles, including coach, trainer and consultant.

Collaborating with InsightOut since 2020, as a Coaching Trainer in the Activision/InsightOut CIEO program, an ICF recognized ACTP, I share my knowledge and experience to empower future coaches.

My interest in understanding human potential led me to obtain a master's degree in Advanced Positive Psychology, along with several postgraduate degrees, including Advanced Training in Personal and Professional Development from the Catholic University.

In addition, I specialized as a Chief Happiness Officer at Florida International University and am a certified PDA International analyst. As an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler, I integrate powerful communication and behavior change techniques into my work.

My specializations in Happiness Coaching reflect my passion for promoting well-being and personal fulfillment in individuals and organizations. My approach is grounded in a deep understanding of positive psychology and proven coaching techniques.

In addition to my dedication to the personal and professional development of others, I am a travel enthusiast, having lived in four different countries - France, Brazil, Germany and Australia.

My academic background includes a degree in Social and Cultural Communication from the Portuguese Catholic University and a Master's degree in Leadership. This diversity of cultural and academic backgrounds enriches my perspective and enables me to work effectively in multicultural and diverse contexts.


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