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Find trainings that provide marketing tools, business strategies, sales and others for improvement and personal and professional growth.

Managing Stress

We live times of great demands, with never before faced challenges. Cooperating at a distance, working in the same space you live in, dealing with new tools that are increasingly more digital, developing new habits to protect our health and that of others, creating new solutions more in tune with times of social distancing, all […]

Pitch to Win

It's very important the development of training and area specializations, which may be achieved through a sales coaching program.

Coaching Skills

The success and longevity of any business project is closely related to it's Vision and Leadership style.

Marketing Tools for Coaches

Being a professional coach has it's challenges... Ensuring that our brand reflects who we are, adequate communication strategy and being constantly growing, among others.

Business Creative Strategy

Are we all creative? Yes, we are.

My Journey

These are dream trips to remote, beautiful locations, yet to be discovered.

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