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These are dream trips to remote, beautiful locations, yet to be discovered.

In these trips, besides getting to know the destination, you'll have time to yourself, to reflect, stop, think and rest.

Come and discover your inner-self, connect with yourself and access the vision you wish to have for your life. Develop a more in-depth understanding of your motivations, feelings and behaviours, to build and achieve your self.

These are trips thought out in detail, lodging in good hotels, organised excursions to out of the beaten path locations, and all in the company of 2 coaches.

The group will have a limit of 16 people, to make it something very special.

We have already gone to Nepal, a dream trip, with an absolute wonderful group of people, and, in Nepal, we went to the city of Katmandy, Himalayas and Chitwan (heart of the jungle).

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