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Women's support group are open meeting dedicated to women who share the same issue. By sharing their experiences, it's expected to diminish the stress associated and boost their ability to deal with the issue.These are regular meetings (monthly), for 2 hours of a group between 6 to 12 people and are always facilitated by a professional coach. The members, allways assume an active role in chosing the sessions theme, while the rules and decisions are agreed upon by every member. Confidentiality is a guiding principle, as is respect for others.In these meetings, experiences, feelings, ideas and opinions are shared in a safe, confidential and proximity environment. Through this interaction, the members look to help each other in the management of these feeling and in searching of ways to deal with the difficulties, increasing the feelings of serf-control and self-esteem.Themes approached on our sessions:

  1. Super-woman
  2. Career vs. Family
  3. Sexuality
  4. Our children and the other's children
  5. The importance of eating well with a nutricionist present
  6. The importance of a spiritual plan
  7. The importance of having a bucket list
  8. Personal care (beauty, make-up, prosthesis, etc) with the presence of specialists in said fields
  9. Meditation

Registrations are open.

The support groups will begin with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12. The groups will close once their is a sufficient number and new entries will not be allowed to maintain a cohesive group and facilitate the monthly sharing.

Value per session: 60€ (2 hours)

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