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"As women gain rights, families flourish, and so do societies."

Melinda Gates

"What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have."

Oprah Winfrey

Women have a right to:

  • Have a voice and be heard.
  • Stop being invisible, to their family, to society and to organisations.
  • Have access to careers through equal opportunities.
  • Enjoy time to themselves through domestic chores equality.
  • Have a support that gives them confidence to self-value their skils.
  • Not having to demand equality and inclusion!

bright women MANIFESTO

INSPIRE WOMEN and minority groups to become their own best version, via more information and self-knowledge. To believe in their values and rights. To gain trust to change behaviour patterns that stop them from living according to their ideals.

INSPIRE COMPANIES to rethink their vision and mission within a perspective of inclusiveness. To reinvent the past's organisational culture and create new SYSTEMS where everyone feels integrated and with equal rights, enhancing the teams and businesses diversity potential.

INSPIRE FUTURE GENERATIONS to become agents of change for more inclusiveness. To become Generation Equality. The first that will be born and grow in an environment where diversity and inclusiveness are the norm.

bright women PROGRAMS

Because we all need inspiration (insights) and motivation (energy) to change behaviours and habits, we created innovative and flexible programs. 


  • Women Workshops - We developed creative and inspiring workshops in the countryside - Country House Alenquer, with activities for women to gain confidence and awareness regarding their value and individual potential.
  • National Retreats - Moments to stop and live in slow living. Moments to look within, have inspiring conversations and learn the power of meditation and the mind. Enchanting places with nature programs.
  • Self-Journeys - They are not travels, but discovery and interior reflection "journeys" about what defines us and what we want to be as women. Journeys to exotic destinations that confront us with the difference so we learn to deal with it and accept it.
  • Bright Women Club - A club for ambitious women that want to evolve abd be agents of change, their own and of society. They know that change comes from the way each and everyone of us is and acts because it's not "someone else's" problem. It's yours as well! 
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  • Values and Strategy - Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) has gained space in the companies agenda has a necessity and not a possibility. It should be part of the Values and across the business strategy, team management and stakeholders.
  • Diagnostic - Knowing the organisational reality as to D&I through metrics and key indicators (KPIs) is essential before beginning a diversity and inclusion projects. The information reveals insights regarding the main areas that need attention.
  • Governance & Leadership - Human beings behaviour is highly influenced by others, therefore leadership must be a daily example of good inclusion and equality practices. To be an individual purpose that is reflected on the job.
  • Team Work for D&I - Changing for more inclusion and iquality is a gradual process and demands good practice acoompanying and training. Coaching mentoring are the best tools to implement and accompany in the inclusion of the minority groups.
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​Doing nothing is no longer an option!

"Inclusion doesn't happen. People have to make it happen."

Stephen Frost

Stephen Frost Quote

What is demanded from INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP?

Larger connection between the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

      Different perspectives and opinions, creativity and innovation

Redescovering of the diversity all around us.

      Market, consumers, tendencies and consumption habits

Collective innitiative to advantage of diversity.

      Mix teams, promoting idea debate, accepting difference

Ability to implement an inclusive culture.

      Talent atraction and retention, more productivity due to a feeling of belonging

Why do Women don't advance in their career?

Due to their behaviour

  • Lack of confidence in their abilities
  • To self-critical and demanding
  • Won't risk asking for a promotion
  • Don't create a supporting network
  • Don't believe in a successful career

Due to the organisational culture

  • Aren't included in the decision process
  • Lack of support from management
  • Are viewed as "not assertive"
  • Have to be and behave as the men do to prove they are up to the job

To advance, women need Role Models.

85% Millennials

74% Geração X

67% Baby Boomers

Estudo Rockefeller Foundation, 2017; % of women that answered yes

Current Reality


Inspite being more women in the world (52%), only 21% of the leadership positions are occupied by women!


Women still perform 78% of the non paid chores (domestics, children/elderly care and errands), which occupy them circa 3h/day!

What is demanded from Change

Inclusive Culture

To encourage the paradigm change to a new reality with bigger diversity and inclusion, as a critical factor for the future success by its direct impact in performance and talent retention. 

Task Equality

To Inspire women to believe in themselves and gain trust in their abilities and ideas and to, confidently, design their lives in accordance with their personal and professional ambition.

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