António Costa
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António Costa

Mindfulness Trainer

Provocative, Facilitator, Persistent, Personality Explorator, Joyful and Optimistic.

António began his academic path like many others, studying subjects like management, credit risk, client support, sales, leadership; He started early in the banking world and in this path, became a parent.

About 11 years ago, experiencing the daily stress and its impacts on the body and his well-being, he concluded that personal and professional success is only attainable via the inner discovery, and he begins a path inwards, gaining knowledge in Coaching (International Coach, LMI e INCTA), Prospective, Innovation, Strategy (ISEG), Vipassana meditation trainer, Psychosynthesis, Familiar Constellations, Lousie Hay method, Search Inside Yourself, and Mindfulness, becoming Qualified Teacher in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

His mission is to enhance the discovery of the purpose of life, and his belief is that everyone has inside himself the potential to reach it.

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