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there's a new challenge

The pandemic forced a quick adaptation to a new reality that places challenges in the way we work and conduct business.

It is now necessary to assess the impact on operations and the strategic objectives of the team, identify the dimensions that require immediate action and the best strategy to make the transition from models designed for efficiency to an architecture focused on resilience. It is necessary to dialogue on the organisational insights that have come to the fore in the current environment and capitalise on the opportunities. What is done now will define the future of the team or organisation.

This moment cannot be missed. Those who anticipate will be better prepared to face the challenges and opportunities that will arise with the new normality.


An experiment designed from an innovative experience created in Europe, based on Bert Hellinger’s studies, and which is already being considered, all over the world, as one of the most innovative and effective methods for solving complex issues. It is based on the principle of the systemic nature of the organisation and teams. This powerful method is a diagnostic and resolution tool that allows the identification of causes and solutions, in a fast, effective and deeply humane way.

Throughout the experience we start by asking systemic questions designed to identify the team’s challenges. Once the theme and its variables have been identified, we will represent the various parts of the system (people, departments, ideas, obstacles and aspirations) physically, using puzzle pieces and people, and in this way produce a vivid image of the obstacles and limiting patterns and the best strategies to overcome them. The methodology enables rapid transformation by diagnosing topics that normally take months to identify.


  • To better understand the new needs and expectations of the client and the market
  • To prioritise challenges and opportunities
  • To reveal the invisible dynamics that impact the results
  • To identify innovative solutions and strategies
  • To find the right balance between hope and realism

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Coaching Power To You Insightout

Executive Coaching (1hr) based on the inputs of the Power of You tool and the individual brief, we’ll work with you so you can become your best version.

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Based on your company’s real needs, we have a wonderful set of speakers, from Neuroscience and the importance of the three brains; impactful business communications, and much more.

Well Being
Well Being Power To You Insightout

We have a wonderful set of teachers of Yoga , mindfulness and jazz improvisation, that may complement your team’s needs.

Tailor Made
Tailomade Power To You Insightout

Programmes built in line with your company’s specific needs and challenges. On demand. From a two-day immersive retreat to a journey to Nepal.


For international markets, we aim to work with local coaches that represent us. They’ll be trained by our team as accredited trainers, and afterwards will be invited to take the Train-the-trainer approach to their city so we can grow together.

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