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The reason for our success is, without a doubt, this wonderful team. We are accredited, with vast experience in national and international context, sharing the same referential but we are all different and unique. “The whole is greater than the sum og the parts”

Ana Pinto Coelho

PCC Executive Coach & CEO

Miguel Figueiredo

PCC Coach, Trainer & Keynote Speaker

Paul Delahaie

PCC Coach and Variations International CEO

Catherine Tanneau

MCC Coach & CEO Variations International

Anne Dominguez

Anne Dominguez

MCC Coach & Pedagogic Director

João Laborinho Lúcio

PCC Coach & Trainer

Simona Cattabiani

PCC Executive Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Luísa Neto Pereira

PCC Executive Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Sofia Costa Quintas B&W Site

Sofia Costa Quintas

Coach & Trainer

Testemunho Coaching

Ana Teresa Penim

PCC Executive Coach, Mentor

Margarida Marrucho

ACC Executive Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Vera Doutel

Coach & Trainer

Paula Sanches

Gestora de Operações

João Artur Peral

Trainer, Improv Actor, Creative Strategist

António Costa

Mindfulness Trainer

Vanda Pinheiro Lopes

PCC Coach & Trainer

Vera Rhodes

Vera Rhodes


Salomé Nascimento

Plastic Artist & Designer

João Pereira Leite

Coach & Trainer

InsightOut is a network with over 20 years experience in the most diverse areas of training and coaching
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